Board Deserves Apology For Treatment During ‘Kangaroo Court'



At the end of April, the Senior Center board of directors were invited to a "group discussion" by the Center's executive director and staff, presumably to discuss facility repairs and pay increases. The director held sway over the session, which rapidly escalated into an acerbic brouhaha.

The board evaluated the director's performance on several occasions over the past three years and found it to be wanting, and after much deliberation, she was terminated. It gave us no pleasure to do so, and we wish her the very best in the future. In short, emotions cannot dictate managerial decisions.

On May 2 at the Senior Center, a few of Payson's disgruntled citizenry felt it was their solemn, God-given responsibility to oust the incumbents, who, by the way, are the legally elected and/or appointed board of directors. The most stentorian and vitriolic among those members of this "kangaroo court" were Larry Frisbie, Charlie Smith and Mike Vogel. I voted for Mr. Vogel for town councilman. What a mistake. He apparently has no compunction about interfering with the conduct of a lawfully sanctioned business or comporting himself with civility. No, he came in with guns blazing.

The most laughable of all was Larry Frisbie, who said publicly that we (the board) were culpable of nepotism. By definition, nepotism means to favor relatives (for jobs, etc.). I am related to no one on the official board, except by our common faith in our savior Jesus Christ. If that is what Mr. Frisbie was insinuating, shame on him. If he was inferring the in-law relationship between Bill Martin and Michael Lumley, then he needs to be reminded of the mother-son connection during the time when Elaine Drorbaugh was board chairperson and her son, Dan, was hired as bookkeeper for the center.

Patricia Frisbie, Larry's wife, was a vice president on the board at the time Dan was appointed unanimously. Mr. Frisbie also stated, again publicly, that we (the legal board) "manipulated the by-laws to be self-serving." Saying something that ambiguous is like trying to kill an ant with a hand grenade. Why doesn't he say what is really sticking in his craw?

This whole bizarre episode could have been averted. If these people really wanted to help the seniors, they would have had solid facts and behaved with propriety, instead, they used vague innuendoes and obfuscation. Their careless course of action will have far-reaching implications on the ongoing services to the seniors, and, in my opinion, they should be held liable for all expenses in connection with this insurrection and make a public apology to all concerned.

G. W. Imboden, Payson Senior Center Board Member

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