Negative Campaigning Makes Payson Look Bad



In the April 28 edition of the Payson Roundup, I read your editorial comments about the tone of the current mayoral campaign and the negativism that is being spread about the community. I want to say that your comments were well taken and timely. Sadly, there were letters and a paid advertisement inserted by Citizens for Payson's Economic Future in the next week's issue that were more of the same.

Most were directed at Mr. Edwards and Mr. Blair, two people who are running for office because they want to work for the good of Payson. I wonder if the folks inserting these comments understand that many people from all over the country read the Roundup online and they are following our local happenings. Some may be people who once lived here and want to know what is happening in their hometown and some may be people who think Payson might be a nice place to live or visit. We have some real issues, like water shortages and water restrictions and the risk of forest fires with continued drought, which have been well publicized and which may make some folks think twice about Payson.

There may be others who read the negative letters and campaign ads and wonder what kind of town we have here. You say correctly that the people in Payson are nice and caring,

some of the finest anywhere, but if you read the paper in the last few weeks, you would not get that feeling. Many of the folks on the list for Citizens for Payson's Economic Future are either real estate agents or in some way favor growth or will profit from growth.

Do they really think such negative ads, with unfair personal attacks on candidates, will cause people to want to relocate to Payson? If anything, these comments will cause people to think unfavorably about Payson and it will quickly lower property values. The negativism being printed for all to see is not boding well for our town now or in the future and certainly will not help with harmony at home when this election is over.

Remember, whoever is elected, mayor and town council will have to work together for the good of Payson.

Carolyn Baltz, Payson

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