Put Fines In Place To Punish Those Who Employ, House Illegals



I agree, in principle, with Sue Dolan in her idea (to hang a banner at the entrance of Payson announcing that illegal immigrants are not welcome here,) but it will take a bit more than a banner to be effective.

Why is it that the INS, the State of Arizona, Gila County and Payson do not join together and conduct a sting campaign to identify those who employ and rent quarters to illegals? A fine of $10,000 per violation per day sounds about right to me.

What is more, with this approach, there would be no impact on the jails and prisons.

A bounty on turning in employers and landlords payable to illegals might also be effective, paid out of the $10,000.

The answer to my question "why" is that the "establishment" at each level of government is determined to preserve the availability of "cheap" labor. There simply is no other answer. In the meantime, we taxpayers take it on the chin.

We are fools, despicable fools.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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