Payson Has A New Mayor; Official Count In


It's official. Payson has a new mayor, Bob Edwards, and three incoming councilors - Mike Vogel, Su Connell and Ed Blair.


Bob Edwards

At the final count, Bob Edwards received 3,099 votes. Barbara Brewer received 2,251.

For council, Mike Vogel received 2,790. Ed Blair received 2,734 and Su Connell received 2,633.

Diana Sexton came in fourth with 2,319 votes, Barbara Underwood ended with 2,190 and Rick Croy received 2,046.

Sixty-two percent or 5,479 of Payson's 8,828 registered voters participated in the election. Magistrate Dorothy Little will swear in the new council at the June 8 council meeting - the current council will ratify the votes at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 23.

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