Bowling Alley Will Win Customers For Going Nonsmoking



In my opinion, banning smoking in the bowling alley will be a positive move for almost everyone.

I sympathize with the bowlers who are cigarette smokers, but it may actually motivate some of them to give up the habit. Smoking is our number one preventable cause of death. Ray Charles, a famous piano player, was a cigarette smoker and heroin addict. He said that it was easier to give up heroin than smoking, which he continued to do until his passing.

I've lost many friends and even my younger brother because of smoking related illnesses. We all take risks in life but we can minimize the dangers. It's extremely difficult for smokers to minimize their risks.

Studies show that when an individual uses a low nicotine cigarette, he usually smokes more cigarettes.

As tough as it is to stop smoking, it ‘s encouraging that so many have given up smoking in our culture.

There are many small children, pregnant women, allergic individuals and others who are adversely affected by second-hand smoke. As a league bowler, I liked bowling too much to let the smoking bother me, but this will make it much more enjoyable.

The bowling alley may lose the die-hard smokers, but they may also pick up a lot more people who enjoy a smoke-free environment.

Ira Gibel, Pine

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