Enforce Current Laws On Illegal Immigration Before Making New Ones



There is no human right to enter another country in violation of its laws. Illegal immigration is a threat to our system of laws and an affront to the millions around the world who play by the rules in seeking to come to the United States.

As a taxpaying citizen of the United States and a resident living in an area plagued by illegals, I emphatically state that all the proposals of new laws and any increase in law enforcement will not stop this problem until we enforce the law. The problem we are faced with will be resolved when our government steps up and starts enforcing the laws that we already have established.

Politicians can continue to try to dress up this problem and make it look like they are the saviors of illegal immigration and all that comes with it, like Arizona's and New Mexico's governors declared states of emergency, but still refuse to enforce the law or stop the giveaways to illegal aliens.

Nothing will change until those associated with the crossing, running, selling, buying, hiring and harboring of illegal aliens are prosecuted fully under the laws we currently have on our books.

This is the bottom line and there is no way any politician or activist can defend or excuse the cost to this country daily. The answer is simple. Enforce the laws that have been enacted already, and we will solve the problem.

Anne Joachim, Payson

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