Mayor Seems To Have Conflict Of Interest



It was very interesting to read about the PAC that popped up to support Mayor Brewer on page 11A of the May 9 Payson Roundup. It seems like a long shot that, despite all protests of innocence, that Michael Horton and Terra Capital are not involved with the ads and propaganda that have been released by the PAC.

What is also interesting and disturbing is that the mayor and her sidekicks who vote in a block with her (Buettner, Henley and Wilson) seem to vote "yes" for anything that Horton and Terra Capital bring before the council.

Could it be that they are getting three for the price of one for the money that was spent on the mayor's campaign? This also brings up the question of conflict of interest by the mayor.

Since she extols the fact that she knows the pulse of Payson and has a long list of all the wonderful things she has done for the town (which, if true, should make us wonder when she has had time to sleep), it would seem that she had to know there was a connection.

Perhaps two things should happen:

1. All items voted on by the mayor pertaining to Horton and Terra capital are thrown out.

2. Letters should be sent to the Town Attorney, County Attorney and the Attorney General of Arizona for further investigation.

Vernon Randall, Payson

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