Pet Owners Need To Take Responsibility For Loose Dogs



Every morning I feed my puppy, then take her out for her morning stroll in our yard, or on a leash so she doesn't mess up someone else's yard. My husband and I have spent hours putting flowers and bushes in our yard and have received several compliments from our neighbors.

This morning when I took my puppy out, I found, to my dismay, that three of my plants had been destroyed and there were dog tracks all around them. Whoever is letting their dogs out at night to run the streets and mess up someone else's yard and destroy their labor is selfish and rude. The authorities will be notified and, hopefully, when the owners of these loose dogs are found they will be held financially responsible.

If you're going to have pets, take the responsibility and time to train them and keep them in your own yard. I hope you can understand my frustration on seeing my plants that had been growing and producing beautiful flowers utterly destroyed.

Mary Jordan, Payson

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