Spring Turkey Hunt Gets Adrenaline Flowing



Most hunting seasons are now just fond memories or photos of fall and winter excursions into the Arizona wilderness. We have put away our shotguns, rifles, and bows and have limbered up those fishing rods and are throwing bait to attract bass, crappies and trout.

Even though fishing is in full swing, there is still a popular hunting season going on now in Arizona, and that is the spring turkey hunt for the male turkey or the gobbler.


Art Chamberlin was successful on his first-ever turkey hunt, bagging two beautiful birds. With Chamberlin is his grandson, Kasey.

This hunt is by special permit only and is restricted to specific units along the Mogollon Rim east to New Mexico. If you were fortunate enough to draw a permit in the fall drawing, you can be hunting the spring gobbler right now.

In years gone by, I was an avid turkey hunter and that early morning silence in the Arizona woods broken by that raucous gobble of a male turkey really got my adrenaline going.

So, I do understand that excitement of all those spring turkey hunters as they try to call in that cagey bird.

It is getting progressively more difficult to draw a tag in Arizona. So, many hunters are going out of state to pursue the spring gobbler. Art Chamberlin of Tonto Basin and owner of C&C Fishing Guide Service ventured to Oklahoma with his grandson, Kasey, for a try at the Rio Grande turkey.

The Oklahoma turkey population is doing so well that licensed hunters can have a two tag spring season, which is now considered normal in many Midwestern or heartland states.

After two early morning and late afternoon hunts, Art was able to lure a couple of gobblers into shotgun range and take two beautiful birds of 18 and 20 pounds. By the way, his grandson Kasey spotted one of those birds sneaking in quietly as a gobbler may do to a calling hunter.

Art was able to bag that bird and have a successful spring turkey hunt with the aid of his grandson's keen eyesight.

Even though you may not be a turkey hunter, take an early morning walk along the Mogollon Rim and that silence might be broken by that distinct gobble of a wild turkey as he flies down from his roost.

This weekend take a hike in the Tonto National Forest and enjoy God's creation.

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