What's Up?


Q: I've noticed puffs of black smoke coming from school busses. How often are they maintained?

A: The oil is changed every 6,000 miles. Preventative maintenance is done every day. The two that throw black smoke are old diesel buses.

Q: I work nearby the Payson Post Office and walk past it nearly every day. I am sad that the wall of tagged graffiti that has been there for over 6 weeks has not been repainted.I called the post office a few weeks ago to make sure they knew it was there and the manager said they were ‘working on it.' I sure hope the police are involved and the tagger will pay restitution for defacing our public property like that...? To me, it is an eyesore for our community. Can you find out what's up with that?

A: "I am in the process of getting bids and I hope to have it painted within the next two weeks," said Lori Shewey, Payson Postmaster. She had wanted the juvenile tagger who was caught in April and took responsibility for the tagging, to repaint the wall, but because he is a juvenile, that will not happen.

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