Create Memories Around A Campfire



I have sat around a lot of campfires on fall hunting trips with close friends and family members.

After experiencing a full day of glassing, with binoculars or spotting scopes, and hiking to the next high point and getting every minute of hunting from those short November days, a campfire is a welcome sight.

That campfire means a hot meal after a long day, a place to rest weary legs, and of course stories of the day's hunt. If you have sat around a few fire rings you soon realize that these stories just keep getting better with each successive year.

Those campfires also become quality time in part of the process of raising two boys. Being away from busy schedules, TV, computers and other media creates time for conversation. The topics discussed may be long forgotten, but the experience hopefully meant something to those two boys who are now men.

Whether it's a hunting camp, fishing trip, or just roasting marshmallows in a back yard, the time invested in family will pay long-term dividends.

This weekend, enjoy God's creation with a family member or friend.

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