Crowley Best Advocate For Payson



For anyone who has had any interest whatsoever in issues related to Gila Community College, there has been ample opportunity to get involved. For the past year and a half there have been very active groups meeting to discuss and act on problems at Gila Community College. Representatives of these groups have spent a great deal of time analyzing the contract with EAC, meeting with legislators and representatives from the Governor's office, keeping in touch with the accrediting body for higher education, analyzing budgets, analyzing course offerings, meeting with representatives from ASU, and conducting a community-wide needs assessment on what the people of Payson want from their college.

Al Poskanzer has never attended any meetings of this group or participated in any of the constructive activities. In fact, he attended his first meeting of the GCC Governing Board (on which he would like to serve) on Oct. 20. Don Crowley started the community group, has never missed a meeting, has attended almost all subcommittee meetings, and has never missed a Governing Board meeting since he was appointed in April, often choosing to drive to Globe in an effort to be more effective, rather than participating via ITV.

The situation with Gila Community College and Eastern Arizona College is enormously complicated. Mr. Poskanzer seems to know only what EAC administrators tell him. He has yet to express an independent opinion, and clearly spouts the EAC party line. EAC already has three voices on the board. They certainly don't need another one. Payson needs all the help and advocacy we can get when it comes to the college, and our current representative on the board, Don Crowley, has been a consistent and strong advocate for meeting Payson's needs in higher education. Talk to anyone who has actually been involved in college issues and they will tell you that Mr. Poskanzer has been nowhere to be found when there has been work to be done on these important college issues.

One has to wonder what his motivation could possibly be to run against the most effective board member Payson has had since the board was first appointed.

Pete Kettner, Payson

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