Longtime Shelter Dogs Still Waiting



Many times we wish that the dogs at Payson Humane Society could talk and tell us about their previous lives. We could understand them better if we knew how they were treated or mistreated. We would know what their favorite games were, what kind of people they lived with and what kind of food they liked to eat.

Were they housetrained, leash trained, or used to other dog or cat members of a family? Did they get their vaccinations, and were they spayed or neutered?

These are things we have to learn over time if a dog comes in as a stray or if an owner doesn't give us any information.

The dogs we are highlighting this week are very special animals we have come to cherish because they have been at the shelter the longest. We hope they will find homes with welcoming families soon.

The shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Rd. just south of Main Street. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Lucky is a handsome 1 1/2-year-old neutered male catahoula/lab mix. He has a short brown coat, the perfect form and a wonderfully expressive face. Lucky is a little shy when he first meets you, but he loves to run around fast as a bullet once he gets to know you. He gets along great with the other dogs at our shelter when they all play together in the large exercise area. He walks nicely on leash and has received lots of training from our volunteers who have come to love him very much. Lucky is one of those incredible dogs that will always come back to you if you hike with him off leash. He would like to find a home with a quiet, patient family that spoils him with love and kindness and spends plenty of time walking him and playing with him.


Blue is a good-looking 10-month-old neutered male black lab mix with a splotch of white on his chest. He was found in the Coconino National Forest near the Blue Ridge Ranger Station. Blue is a very gentle and well-behaved boy. He is such a delight to walk on leash because the leash actually stays slack. Blue is a reticent type of dog who gets along well with other dogs because he never pushes his boundaries. He is a great all around dog who would be content just hanging out with his family at home, in the car or on a camping trip. We think he is a wonderful dog who deserves a loving home.


Prince is a healthy, enthusiastic 7-year-old neutered male black lab mix. What Prince may lack in good looks, he more than makes up for in his sweet, gentle personality. He is the dearest, most loving dog ever.

As a mature dog, he is seeking the comfort and security of a loving home, perhaps with a senior family. Wouldn't you like to take Prince home so he can be your loyal-to-the-bone best friend?


Harmony is a 9-month-old spayed female golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix. She has a lovely cream-colored coat with a light cinnamon overlay. Her most special feature is her floppy ears that tilt to one side. We think she's earresistible! At her young age, Harmony is still eager and energetic, especially after being confined to a kennel, but she quickly settles down after she gets some exercise. She loves to play fetch, is bonkers about squeaky toys and she is great with kids. She is smart, willing, and wants a job to do. She would be a perfect candidate for agility training, flyball or learning to do cute tricks.


Lady is a regal 2-year-old spayed female German shepherd mix. She has a very sweet, upbeat personality and always looks happy to see you. She loves going for walks and is well-behaved and cooperative. She enjoys playing with the other dogs in our shelter's exercise yard.

This pup is intelligent and inquisitive. She may do best with an adult family with no small children as she does not tolerate being poked or tugged at.

Join us Nov. 8

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