Mountain Communities Go All Out For Halloween



Halloween was a total success here in Christopher Creek. Christopher Creek residents had their hayride with 51 little goblins showing up to trick-or-treat.

Gary Anderson, president of Christopher Creek Homeowners said nearly 100 hot dogs were consumed by the likes of Batman, ninja warriors, Britney Spears and some very beautiful princesses. There was a costume contest and some very nice prizes were awarded. Winners for the 5 and under group were Brett Beckham, Ryan Stone, Erik Hoffman and Mia Badman, with first place going to Jenna Pulido. Winners in the 6 to 9 group were Zach Randel, Seth O'Neil, Max Zimmerman and Alissa Hoffman, with first place going to Sam Stone. Winners in the 10 to 12 group were Jacob Nannm, Maggie Alvin, Star Oldeschulte and Justine Moore, with first place going to Aspen Lantau.


Christopher Creek residents of all ages enjoyed almost 100 hot dogs at the 2006 Halloween festivities at the Christopher Kohl's Fire Station.

After the costume contest the youngsters squeezed onto the trailer and Scotty and Electra VanEchotte of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department, pulled and escorted them around the community. Special thanks to everyone that passed out candy and to Shane Webb and John Pinnick of the fire department for all their help, and to all those behind the scene for their help in organizing this annual event.

The CCHA had a rough time judging the houses, but after much consideration, the homes of Sam and Karen Christensen and Brad and Peggy Geisler both received first place.

Hunter Creek had its first hayride with 45 little ghost and goblins showing up. They consumed more than 50 hot dogs, several gallons of soft drinks and had their costumes judged by Pete and Maxine Hermes. Winners were: Zane McGee, first; Frankie Jo Marazza, second; Kayla Alred, third. Other prizes went to Nicole Gallagher, Chad McGee, Prestine Cooper, Patrick Wallace and the cutest little unicorn ever, Arryona Tatmon.

Special thanks goes out to Steve Matteson for bringing up his 60-year-old tractor to haul the cart. It made the night very special. Thanks to the adults that made it special for the kids. Jarve Sellars dressed up and hid in the bushes near his house and made it extra spooky.

Allen Alred dressed up like a character from the movie "Saw" and stood out front with a very large basket of candy. He stood there like a soldier and did not move. The kids walked up very slowly to get their candy and never took their eyes off of him. I think if he would have moved they would have lost it. Thanks to Ann Gallagher for helping put this together and to Pete and Maxine Hermes for judging the costumes, that is never an easy job. Thanks to all of the neighbors who passed out candy. You made the first Halloween in Hunter Creek an unforgettable night and a total success. Thanks.

Don't forget, Nov. 11 is the annual fall cleanup, with a county trash bin available to homeowners for depositing bagged leaves, needles and yard debris. If you need pickup, call Gary Anderson at (928) 478-4075, Karen Thorton at (928) 478-4133, or Judy Toole at (928) 478-0508.

A donation of 25 cents per bag to the CCHA is appreciated. Pick-up will begin at 8 a.m.

Any volunteers with trucks or trailers will help things proceed smoothly.

Residents will also be decorating the highway with Christmas lights that day. Following the pickup, everyone is asked to report to the fire station to help hang the Christmas decorations along the highway. This is a huge job and lots of help is needed. Decorating will take place from 9 a.m. to noon -- or until someone falls off the hill. All light hangers and leaf pickers will gather in the fire hall for a chili potluck and a well-earned rest. That is providing you can still climb the stairs to get there.

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