Updated List Of Doctors Accepting New Patients


As a follow up on "Doctor Dilemma" a story that ran in the Oct. 10 Roundup, the Payson Regional Medical Center provided the following information:

PRMC's Medical Staff Office Physician Information Service can help.


Doctor Matthew Harris is one of the Payson-area doctors who is currently accepting new patients.

Whether you're looking for a primary care physician or a medical specialist for yourself, your child or family, choosing a doctor you both like and trust is a major decision. Payson Regional Medical Center has experienced physician information coordinators who give you complete information about Payson physicians so you can choose the one who's right for you.

Contact (928) 472-1273 and PRMC will help you find the right doctor for you.

These local health care providers are now accepting new patients:

Jaber J. Abawi, M.D.

Jason J. Cool, M.D.

Jennifer L. Cool, M.D.

James C. Cord, M.D.

Peter M. Zonakis, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Amalia D. Pineres, M.D.

Michael A. Marmer, M.D.

David B. Cluff, D.O. (OB only)

Luis A. Coppelli, M.D. (surgery cases only)

Steven S. Lee, M.D. (surgery cases only)

L. Alfonso Munoz, M.D. (surgery cases only)

Diane M. Scott, P.A.-C. (surgery cases only)

David W. Herbert, M.D.

Herbert A. Schwager, Ph.D.

Robert H. Rimmer, M.D.

Matthew R. Harris, D.O.

Victor R. Henderson, M.D.

Travis L. Howard, D.O.

Simran S. Galhotra, M.D.

Gail B. Turner, M.D.

Mark Ivey Jr., M.D.

Ramona T. Coppelli, M.S.N. F.N.P.-C.

Lawrence M. Kasper, M.D.

Sucai Bi, M.D.

Marilyn F. Heron, P.A.-C.

Ivan D. McLaws, D.P.M.

Mark Meyers, M.D.

Charles Crinnian, M.D.

Karen F. Evans, D.O.

Robert L. Frayser, D.O.

Christopher J. LeSueur, D.O.

Gerald R. Bossert, P.A.

Dexter D. DeWitt, M.D.

W. Andrew Haug, M.D.

Ali A. Askari, M.D.

Charles A. Calkins, M.D.

James G. Morphis III, P.A.

Lisa M. York, M.D.

Cynthia D. Booth, M.D.

Don W. Culwell, M.D.

Olivia E. Morris, D.O.

Jerry B. Lemler, M.D.

Christian F. Risser V, M.D.

Robert A. Thomas, M.D.

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