Local Man Pulls 4 From Burning Vehicles


A Payson resident played a major role in removing four people from burning vehicles Saturday morning after a three-vehicle collision occurred on Interstate 10.

B. J. Amburgey said he came upon the accident near Goodyear about 30 seconds after it happened.

He said there were two people trapped in a pickup truck and another two were pinned inside a Honda Civic.

With help from other passersby, Amburgey took the door off of the pickup truck and pulled the driver and passenger out of the cab before turning his attention to the two who were trapped inside the Civic.

He said the two children in that car were lying on top of each other, and added he initially thought they were not going to survive the accident.

The two are in serious condition at a Valley hospital.

Amburgey said when he arrived at the location he saw other people running over to help the people who were trapped inside their vehicles.

"I stopped my truck to try to help," he said. As they dragged the woman out of the pickup, a fire started, resulting in a fuel-tank explosion. "If we had waited for emergency personnel, they would have been burned alive.

"The rig was on fire. Everything was on fire."

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