Paranormal Investigators Visit Ghosts Of The Main Street Grille


Supernatural scouters and spook enthusiasts gathered for an evening of paranormal pursuit during a community mixer and question-and-answer session Saturday night at the Main Street Grille.

Investigators from the Arizona Paranormal Investigations (API) presented a slide show of "hauntings" from around the state, followed by an overnight analysis of the Payson's Main Street establishment. They set up cameras, video recorders and tape machines to capture anything out of the ordinary.


Professional paranormal investigator Kyle McNatt tests electromagnetic levels of the upstairs apartment in Main Street Grille.

Psychic Deb Lane said she felt unearthly energy around the house almost immediately.

"When we first came up from the (parking lot), I felt a lot of energy," she said. "Other places around here are haunted. There's a morose spirit on the patio."

API is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization that uses its own funds to search for the supernatural. Through a combination of intuitive and empirical methods -- and really expensive electronics -- API seeks answers to strange events. Lane said formulating the results of the group's Saturday night investigation will take some time. For more information, visit API's Web site at

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