Poison Discovered At Senior Thrift Store


The Payson Senior Thrift Store received an unexpected donation Saturday afternoon when volunteers discovered small containers of DDT among dropped-off items. DDT is a powerful insecticide.

Volunteer cashier Marjorie Morrison said the poison was discovered near the back of the store.

Morrison called poison control, and was told to call the Payson Fire Department.

Two volunteers who handled the chemical had to be washed down. The fire department sealed the chemical inside a steel drum and put it in the back of the thrift store.

"It is a terrible thing to do something like that because (someone) did not want to pay the money to properly dispose of it," Morrison said.

Now the cost of disposal is in the hands of the thrift store management.

Morrison said there is a place in Tucson that could handle the chemicals, and Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin said she would try to help the thrift store out in some way.

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