Public Input Sought On Payson Streets Projects


In 2004, the Town of Payson Surface Transportation Advisory Committee identified a list of 23 streets as priority projects. The Town Council approved this list and staff began the implementation process. Mud Springs Road between Frontier Elementary School and Highway 260 was ranked number one on the priority list.

This roadway is also included in the Town's 1999 Small Area Transportation Phase.

Mud Springs Road will be constructed in two phases. Phase one will be from the end of the exiting Mud Springs Road just north of Frontier Elementary School to Granite Dells Road.

This phase will also include the intersection with Granite Dells Road. Phase two will be from Granite Dells Road to Highway 260. This phase will also include traffic control at Highway 260.

The improvements will consist of curb and gutter on each side, one traffic lane in each direction, a bike lane in each direction and a sidewalk on one side. Drainage improvements will also be included within the right of way. A center turn lane will be included at the intersection with Highway 260.

The current design is using a roundabout at the intersection of Mud Springs Road and Granite Dells Road. The roundabout will be designed to accommodate large vehicles such as buses that will use this route.

It is anticipated that construction will begin on phase one by May 2007.

Anyone interested in providing input on this project may contact LaRon Garrett, Town of Payson, 303 N. Beeline Highway, Payson 85541, or call (928) 474-5242 ext. 283 by Dec. 14, 2006.

Editor's note: The article "Road improvement priorities driven by money, usage," in the Nov. 3 Payson Roundup, contained several errors. In correction, the town plans improvements on Mud Springs Road from Frontier Elementary School to Granite Dells Road.

The design for phase 1 of the Mud Springs Road project is now in progress.

Also, the Town currently has a pavement maintenance schedule to "apply a slurry seal pavement preservation surface coat" to all Town roads every seven years.

The slurry seal is a much lower quality that a repavement but does apply a new wearing surface and extends the life of the existing pavement.

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