Remember Your Christian Beliefs At The Polls



Within the past 50 years, there has been a dramatic decline of the moral structure of our nation and I believe the blame can be laid at the feet of many of our left-wing professors, the mainstream media, activist judges and the ACLU.

Ever since the early 1960s, when the Ten Commandments were barred from public institutions under the guise of separation of church and state, a generation of young Americans has emerged who have no concept of what God's moral laws are all about. Out of this generation has arisen a leftist alliance, which is subverting the U.S. in our classrooms, in our courthouses, and in the media.

God designed five basic divine institutions to benefit all of human society and to ensure our survival. These divine institutions are: Human freedom, sanctity of life, marriage, family and the nation. I believe we may soon see America's decline and perhaps her fall because this leftist alliance is seeking ways to destroy these institutions.

The liberal agenda has used the classroom to brainwash our children in becoming secular humanists. They have poisoned our children against God and America. They have thrown prayer and the Ten Commandments out, and brought condoms in. They have used the media to deliberately create scandals for political purposes at the expense of the country's security. They manipulate the polls to demoralize confidence in the nation's leadership, and they portray every diplomatic or economic success as failure until they are overwhelmingly proven otherwise. They seek the use of the legal system to suppress Christian beliefs and to remove Christian fundamentalism from the public arenas. They have become incredibly hostile to Christianity and they call for the dismantling of religious orders. This begs the question: How much better has our country become with the removal of prayer and the Ten Commandments from our public institutions?

On Nov. 7, I urge all Christians to vote for and support those candidates who will protect and preserve our human freedoms, our sanctity of life, a marriage between a man and a woman, keeping intact our traditional families, and to keep alive our patriotism. Christians, do not condone a government that condemns God.

David Wait, Star Valley

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