Star Valley Town Manager Enjoys First Day On Job


Vito Tedeschi, near the end of his first day as the new town manager of Star Valley, called it "normal crazy."

Tedeschi was hired by the town toward the end of October to replace Lanny Sloan, and Monday was his first day on the job.


Vito Tedeschi

He said there are some issues in the town that need some attention, and he will be meeting with the council Thursday to discuss priority projects.

On Monday, Tedeschi was reading Star Valley's town code as well as the minutes of previous council meetings to see what had been discussed prior to his arrival.

He said he thinks one of the top priority issues the council will give him is to finalize the details of the new town hall. The town has been negotiating with the Forest Service for five acres, where the new town hall would be located.

"We are striving toward an image," he said, mentioning having its own place will give the town an identity. "Right now we (feel) temporary (with the current town hall inside a church). This will let people know we are for real."

Tedeschi said he believes the Town Council wants to establish its own base of operations where all of the facilities are in one location for the residents.

He said the beginnings of the town are what initially attracted him to Star Valley. He added that the weather in the Rim Country was a plus.

"I have always been trying to work toward the Payson area," Tedeschi said, adding that the elevation of 5,000 feet with 300 days of sunshine a year cannot be beat.

He said the town, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary, can establish the right rules and procedures initially, which cannot be done with an established town or city.

"We will be able to develop all the systems from scratch," he said, which should keep the town out of legal situations.

He said that there were no surprises on his first day.

"It will get more interesting as time goes on," he said. "There are pieces of information, and I will take one thing at a time."

He said when the council members interviewed him for the position, they brushed over some of the hot topics to get his feel on some of the issues.

Tedeschi said most of the things the town is dealing with are areas that he has worked on in other communities.

The new town manager said he worked for the City of Surprise and saw it grow from 3,000 people to 35,000. However, he said, that growth can be attributed to it being on the outskirts of metropolitan Phoenix.

In a small town, employees get to do more, and he does not expect the town to have many employees, he said.

"It is going to be an efficient operation," Tedeschi said. "I do not see a lot of staff coming in."

Instead, he sees the town contracting out for items such as engineering and legal services.

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