Update Of The Door Stop Lawsuit



I often get asked about the status of the lawsuit, filed by 41 Airpark residents, against The Door Stop. Because local residents seem to be curious about the suit, I'll outline the developments.

In August Mayor Edwards conducted a meeting with the lawyers, five representatives of the plaintiffs, several Town of Payson representatives, and The Door Stop.

The group-of-41 made a proposal to resolve the lawsuit. The Door Stop would fund the design and construction of a sound-reducing wall around the large west dust-collector. Plaintiffs would fund the design and construction of a sound-reducing wall around the smaller north dust-collectors. We accepted their offer completely, and without conditions. The plaintiffs appeared eager to start. Consequently we started immediately. In August we paid $2,950 to an engineer for plans, $350 for sound engineering, purchased the metal adapter to reconfigure the silencer making room for the wall ($406), and hired a crane to move the silencer ($240).

On Sept. 25 we sent their attorney this letter:

"I suspect we will be ready to begin work within the next few weeks. However, we do not want to begin work until both sides have a commitment and agreement that this is the step we will take. As it looks now, I am concerned that we are going to be ready to build and your folks are going to be in the very early stages of simply considering what should be done. To that extent, if there is anything we can do to help move your folks along at a quicker pace, please let us know."

Now, more than 30 days later, they have not responded. No letter. No email. No phone call.

The attorneys had proposed a 60-day legal moratorium to complete the agreement. The 60 days have now passed. The Door Stop is ready to proceed.

So my answer to local residents is that I really don't know the status.

The Door Stop believed the plaintiff's offer was serious. We have spent considerable time, money, and effort to complete our end of the agreement.

We agreed to the airpark resident's proposal and we still agree to it. We are ready to proceed today.

Someone once said, "If we don't change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed." And I hope we all realize that where we are headed isn't where any of us wants to go.

Jim Hill, president, The Door Stop, Payson

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