A Response From A Slow-Learning Bible Enthusiast



In reference to Mr. Kane's letter, published on Oct. 20, titled "Enough is Enough," I was disheartened to see that Bush hatred and Bush bashing have bled over to include supporters of Bush and his war on terror. You see, I am one of those slow-learning Bible enthusiasts to whom he referred.

I believe the enemy is greatly encouraged when we Americans rip and tear into one another. Even though I strongly disagree with his assessment of the situation, I respect Mr. Kane's opinion and would never make him out to be a fool because he didn't see things my way.

In my opinion, mistakes have been made in Iraq, but then, I did not agree with Clinton about going into Bosnia either. Once there, however, I feel it is important to support our leadership, because a divided America will be a defeated America.

I lost fellow workers on Sept. 11, and I will never forget. I intend, for the rest of my life, to support leadership that will inflict the most damage on one of the ugliest ideologies since Hitler. Right now, that is George Bush.

We Americans tend to get cold feet after several thousand casualties and a few years duration, while our enemy is willing to devote hundreds of thousands of lives and decades, if necessary. This war will not end until either we become an Islamic regime, or we kill all the Jihadists over there or, possibly, over here. The choice is ours.

It is no accident that violence has increased just before our elections. The enemy wants us to cower in a corner and vote for softer leadership that is all bark and no bite. Spain did that. The left-wing sect of the Democratic party fits that bill today. Negotiating with the terrorists is like trying to negotiate with a rattlesnake. You suffer a deadly bite. So, Mr. Kane, when the Islamic Jihadists come knocking on your door, it will be us "ostracized and exiled lepers" who will come to your defense. You certainly can't count on the Michael Moores and Cindy Sheehans. As a Christian, I pray that day will never come.

Mark H. Smith, Retired pilot, United Airlines, Payson

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