Burglary Victims Need Help



Our home was burglarized recently, and we are asking for help from Payson folks.

The thieves took the drawers out of our desk, and carried files, drawers and all, with them. The files contained both pertinent and personal information.

We lost copies of birth certificates, a wedding book, death certificates, baptismal certificates, plus a file full of pictures and letters pertaining to a search and rescue mission on a lake in Montana. There are too many memories to describe.

I am asking people to check papers strewn by Dumpsters, or on lawns, to see if Frank or Eva Richards' names are there. The pictures, of course, will not have names.

If you do find anything, please call (928) 472-7832.

If you thieves read this, and still have our life in your hands, please return the papers to our porch or driveway. We will ask no questions. Thank you.

Eva Richards, Payson

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