Crowley Wins Six Year Term On Community College Governing Board


In the race for the District 1 governing board seat for Gila Community College, Don Crowley easily defeated Al Poskanzer with 64.2 percent (1,696 votes) of the vote. Poskanzer received 35.8 percent or 932 votes.

Crowley will serve a six-year term.

Several Payson residents have voiced their concern in e-mails and phone calls to the Payson Roundup about not having the opportunity to vote for the District I governing board candidate in Tuesday's election, saying the item was not on the ballot they received. Gila County Elections Supervisor Dixie Mundy explained that Payson is split into two districts. Residents in the Payson Voting Precincts 1, 3, 7 and 8, as well as Pine and Strawberry are in District I for the college board elections, which is the district seat open on the Gila Community College board of governors. District II, which stretches along the east side of the Beeline Highway to Star Valley, encompasses Payson Voting Precincts 2, 4, 5, 6, Star Valley and Whispering Pines. The District II seat was not up for election this term.

"I appreciate the vote of confidence," Crowley said Tuesday night after getting the election results. "I think more than that, it establishes that people understand there is work to do to serve the people of Northern Gila County."

Poskanzer was out of town all week and could not be reached for comment.

Crowley said he thinks it was helpful that he was opposed in the election because between the two of them, a lot of issues were clarified.

Crowley also said he is hopeful other members of the governing board will see this vote as evidence of the education needs for residents of Northern Gila County.

Gila County elections supervisor Dixie Mundy said while all the precincts have reported, there are still some early and provisional ballots that need to be counted. Mundy said she is hopeful the outstanding ballots will be counted by the first part of next week.

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