Fire Board Still Waiting For Write-In Candidates To Be Counted


Fire districts around Northern Gila County will be filling their fire boards with quite a few write-in candidates once the count is completed next week.

Write-in candidates sought election in the following fire districts: Beaver Valley, Diamond Star, Gisela, Round Valley/Oxbow Estates, Tonto Village and Whispering Pines.

Elections were canceled for the Christopher-Kohl's and Houston-Mesa Fire Districts.

Beaver Valley had three seats open and one candidate, Ray C. Friesen, who received 39 votes. The write-in candidates for the other two seats are Marian A. Geissel and Richard Harpster.

Diamond Star had two seats open with one candidate, Richard A. Pinkerton, who received 428 votes. The write-in for the second seat is Charles Conover.

Gisela had three seats open, but no regular candidates. However, there was one write-in -- Theresa Hernandez.

Round Valley/Oxbow Estates had two openings, but no regular candidates. Write-ins seeking the posts are Patricia Albritton and Larry K. White.

Tonto Village had one seat open and no regular candidates. However, two residents competed as write-ins, William Tonstad and Frederick Washburn.

Whispering Pines had three seats open, but no regular candidates. Seeking office through write-in votes are Donald R. King, Harry D. Jones and Penny I. Hull.

Not all the fire districts in the area went without regular races.

East Verde Fire District had two seats open and three candidates: Matalyn K. Gardner, who received 54 votes or 49.1 percent; Dan J. Haapala, with 47 votes or 42.7 percent; and Philip A. Kamesch, with nine votes or 8.2 percent.

Pine-Strawberry had two open seats and three candidates: Rose A. Harper was given 741 votes or 47.4 percent; Forrest McCoy with 419 votes or 26.8 percent; and Robert K. Senita Jr. with 404 votes or 25.8 percent.

Tonto Basin had one open seat and two candidates: Denise J. Traver, who received 344 votes or 65.6 percent, and Coriece Estes with 180 votes or 34.4 percent.

Write-in ballots will be counted by the middle of next week.

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