Limiting Growth Will Not Turn Payson Into A Ghost Town



It is amazing how many people are buying into the great myth that, "If we impose a moratorium on new construction (and growth), Payson will become a ghost town." Any first year student of economics will tell you that ghost towns are created when the primary outside source of revenue dries up -- such as when the mill closes or the mine closes, or the military base closes.

Currently, the primary sources of external revenue in Payson are pensions and tourist dollars.

We did not go "belly up" when the local saw mill closed; yet, we are being told Payson will die if new construction halts. How can this be when the mill was once the largest employer in town, and new construction accounts for less than 10 percent of Payson's economy?

In addition, many workers in the building trades are from out of town, which actually siphons dollars out of Payson.

Our small town culture has attracted many retirees to Payson. When the pro-growth developers, (and some real estate agents) ruin Payson by turning it into another Prescott, they will move on with their profits, leaving us unable to flush our toilets.

We need to support those who wish to control growth.

R.A. Bradford, Payson

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