President Needs Support In Time Of War



Today there was an "expert" who said we could not win the war in Iraq, that there was only one democracy in the Middle East ... which was Israel and that it had only been a state for 60 years.

But how can we forget Germany? It has only been 60 years since it was under dictatorship and is now a democracy. Hasn't it been worth it to see this change from war and the Berlin Wall to a part of the European States? Even Russia has gone from a terrible regime to a more ordered country, though it hopefully will continue to allow its people to have more freedoms and a more open society.

While we would like all these countries to be more like us and our democracy, look how long it took us to reach our position. We just have to remember that we cannot be arrogant about being the only superpower, we just need to continue to define our country's freedoms and our generous hearts. We are the only country that wants to share what we have, both in ideology and caring for others.

Please try to support our president, he can't do it all by himself.

Peggy Smith, Payson

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