Star Valley Imagines New Town Hall


At first glance, the Town of Star Valley's new proposed town hall location is just a remote piece of land with the only access to the site being a rough, rocky, dirt road.

However, what the site looks like now is not what it will look like when the town hall is finally stationed there.


Mayor Chuck Heron looks at the five acres of Forest Service land that could become the site of a permanent Star Valley Town Hall.

The proposed site that would be given to the town by the Forest Service is about three miles from downtown Star Valley.

Currently, the Star Valley town hall is operating out of the Star Valley Baptist Church.

Mayor Chuck Heron said a lot of leveling and grading would need to be done at the location.

The site is about one-fourth of a mile off of Highway 260 across from the county yard.

One of the items that has delayed the project is the knowledge that the Arizona Department of Transportation plans to build two more lanes on Highway 260 near the proposed site.

Heron said the town does not want to take five acres from the forest and then be forced to give some of the land back to ADOT for the road construction.

"We are getting a new diagram of where the new highway will be," Heron said, adding, defined boundaries may have to wait until the highway is completed.

What the town initially will have as its new town hall is up in the air. The mayor said it could be site-developed or a double- or triple-wide mobile home.

He said it would have to be large enough for a meeting room as well as four separate offices.

The town would look at available grants to construct the new town hall building.

The Star Valley mayor said the frontage to the location is not a problem, and added that ADOT would put in a paved road over the dirt trail.

He said there would also be a paved parking lot down the road after the road is paved.

Some town halls, he said, take two to 10 years to complete, though he does not think it will take Star Valley that long.

"We don't know, but we will expedite it as quickly as possible," he said, adding that the town still needs to do some things to satisfy the Forest Service, such as giving them its site plans.

Heron said every new town has the opportunity to get 640 acres of land under the Township Pact.

The 640 acres, he said, does not have to be in one specific location.

"A lot of what I am pushing for (may be) in our master plan," he said.

The council gave its new town manager Vito Tedeschi some priorities Thursday night, and Heron said the new town hall location is definitely a priority.

He said before Thursday night's meeting that he thinks Tedeschi is aware of this priority.

Heron also said nothing concerning the new town will be accomplished overnight, as work cannot be a constant on a project of this magnitude.

"It's stop and go and will be for quite some time," he said.

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