Thank You For Being So Generous On Halloween



I'd like to thank Rose Harper and Gary Rains, partners at ERA Realty in Strawberry, for putting on their annual Halloween costume contest for the children of Pine and Strawberry. As a parent, I love the fact that every child is a winner. Rose and Gary give an envelope with a couple of dollars inside, as well as a goody bag filled with candy to every single child who shows up to the event. I am sure it all adds up quickly, and I appreciate the fact they are spending their own money for decorations, cookies, hot cocoa and prizes on our kids.

While it's true that real estate agents can make a good living in the Rim Country selling homes, there's nothing that says they must be generous with their earnings. We are fortunate to have many people here who feel a strong sense of community in Pine and Strawberry and do "give back." Thanks again, Rose and Gary, for making it a fun night for our kids.

Jennifer Zimmerman, Pine

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