Adult Stem Cell Research Is Ok



I don't understand why people are all hyped about embryonic stem cell research to help them with their medical problems. We have a viable adult stem cell system that has already been helping people for decades for Type I diabetes. A woman paralyzed for 19 years was able to walk with the help of a walker; another received help for liver disease.

Adult stem cells have been used to treat lymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, osteoporosis and severe immunodeficiency disorders. There is a list of 72 cures of successful treatments.

I want to point out that embryonic stem cell research -- where they take living human embryos (potential human beings) for research -- is in its beginning stages. Why wait for the possibility of getting help if, and when, embryonic stem cell research is perfected?

Adult stem cell research has been used for decades to treat many diseases using cells from skin, hair, lining of the nose, placenta and umbilical cord blood. Christopher Reeve was waiting on embryonic stem cell research for help when he could have been helped successfully with adult stem cells.

Therefore, my vote is for adult stem cell research not embryonic stem cell research that has not been proven to help. My final, and most important comment is, in using more than 20 years of embryonic stem cells around the world, there has not been one single success story using embryonic stem cells in human treatment.

Eva F. Jacobs, Payson

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