Free Market Will Provide The Best Water Service To Pine



Our thanks to the Payson Roundup for its recent series of articles on the Pine-Strawberry water situation. In addition, we would like to thank our friends and newly concerned citizens for their support in the effort to get the water situation pointed in a positive direction in Pine and Strawberry. One last thanks to Mike Ploughe, our hydrogeologist who truly is the person who found the water and to Loren Peterson of Strawberry Hollow for being the trailblazer for the exploration of new water.

As you may imagine, we are very happy to bring good news to the people of Pine, that, in fact, after all these years of speculation and suffering, there is a substantial supply of water under Pine. We are also pleased to inform you that not one tax dollar was spent to prove that the long-suspected water under our communities is a reality.

Finding this water has proven to us at Milk Ranch, LLC, that if you live in a free society, are willing to take a calculated risk, and let the free market work, good results will be achieved. Economies and infrastructure under an unsupervised monopolist or dictators are rarely of high quality or successful. Just look at the world situation.

We would like to assure the people of Pine-Strawberry that we are willing to work with them to bring forward a cost-efficient, healthy and adequate water supply.

We hope our efforts will be a part of a long-term solution for all of the citizens. In any event, the Strawberry Hollow and Milk Ranch, LLC have opened the gate for the appropriate party to develop water resources in Pine at substantially less risk than before.

Another alternative is for the people of Pine-Strawberry to take charge through the governmental process and control their own destiny with a locally regulated non-profit water company such as the model exhibited by the Northern Gila County Sanitary District and the four domestic water improvement districts already in Pine. Hopefully, in the near future, there will no longer be excuses for a lack of an adequate water supply in our communities.

If you would like our hydrogeologist's report on our well, we would be happy to share it with you, or if you would like to discuss any other details of the water situation, e-mail me at

Ray Pugel, Pine

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