Two Story Homes Rob Neighbors Of Privacy



As a resident of Stone Creek Subdivision off Longhorn and McLane, I am deeply upset at the new subdivision currently being built off McLane that backs up to Stone Creek.

The local zoning board obviously approved two-story housing for this new development. Since Stone Creek was zoned as single-story, my husband and I assumed the new subdivision would be also and did not attend the meeting that was held.

At the very least, two-story structures could have been approved for the interior of the subdivision, leaving the perimeter homes at a single story where they impact surrounding single story homes.

If you have any interest in this, drive into Stone Creek and you will see the impact of two-story housing on our street.

We feel like we have a Titanic in our back yard and no amount of trees will ever give us back our privacy. And to make matters worse, the two-story home being built was placed on a raised foundation, making it even taller.

The zoning board should consider the impact new development has on surrounding homes, especially the impact of two-story structures. I am confident this will drastically affect future resale values.

Theresa Aprile, Payson

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