Water Tank Moved To Forest



In March of 2006, the Gila County Public Works Department, at the direction of the Board of Supervisors, was given the task of finding water sources to help the Forest Service fight forest fires in northern Gila County. One of the first ideas that came about was the county well at the Buckhead Mesa Landfill and its small holding tank. The well is not very deep and the recovery rate is slow. The idea of having a new, larger tank installed was then considered. During this process, it came to the county's attention that there was a 300,000 gallon tank in Pine not being used and the owner was looking to have the tank removed. Negotiations were started with the tank owner, Jim Richey, to secure the tank for Gila County. Richey and Gila County worked out arrangements so that the county was able to dismantle and remove the tank. Cashion Tank and Steele Co. was the low bidder and undertook the unique project of taking this steel tank down and re-erecting it at a new location.

The 300,000 gallon tank was taken down in sections and trucked to the new location at Buckhead Mesa. The tank pieces were over the legal width for state highways and required a special permit from ADOT to be moved. With the assistance of the Gila County Sheriff's office providing escort, the tank pieces were successfully moved to their new location without incident.

The project is now in its final stages of completion which includes sandblasting and painting inside for potable water use if the need were to arise.

The tank will also include a welded top, which it did not have at its old location.

This tank will serve as an addition in the county's efforts to help the Forest Service fight forest fires in northern Gila County.

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