Council Asks Adot To Move Speed Limit Signs


Star Valley wants to make the stretch of Highway 260 that runs through town safer, and is talking with the Arizona Department of Transportation to accomplish that goal.

The speed limit for most of Highway 260 is 55 mph until entering Star Valley, where the speed limit drops to 45 mph.

However, drivers don't see the first speed limit sign until they are well into the town's limits.

Star Valley Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said the final decision must be made by ADOT, because it is the state's road.

Councilors think the first speed limit signs are too close to the center of the community.

"They are doing 55 mph, and by the time they slow down to 45 mph they are in the middle of town," Tedeschi said.

He said the town wants ADOT to move the signs to the outskirts of town on both the east and west ends to give drivers more time to slow down.

The issue is not really about drivers who are speeding intentionally, but is about some that do not slow down quick enough, he said.

The real issue is about safety for the residents of the small community.

Tom Goodman of ADOT said he has talked to town officials about possibly moving the signs, and has forwarded this desire to the Prescott regional office, who will be involved in the decision.

The traffic-engineering department in Prescott has not started the study yet, but plans to do it soon.

After the Prescott office reviews the idea, it must go to the main office in Phoenix.

"They will do a study to see if they can move the signs," Goodman said. Items included in the study will be speed data and accident history.

The feasibility study will take some time.

"The process could take a couple of months to get all the approvals in place before they could actually move that speed limit sign," Goodman said.

Star Valley Mayor Chuck Heron said one of the signs on the east side of the town -- if approved by ADOT -- would slow people down before reaching the portion of the roadway where there are a lot of curves.

"There have been a number of accidents with a couple of fatalities there," Heron said. "We are trying to slow them down."

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