Fond Farewell To Longtime Fire Board Member



At Monday night's fire board meeting the Firebelles awarded Chairman Power Webb with a fireman's clock and a plaque for his dedicated 16 years on the fire board.

Mr. Webb turned his seat over to Sandy Kalmar who will be filling his position on the fire board.


Fire Board Chairman Power Webb is presented Monday night with a fireman's clock and a plaque for his dedicated 16 years on the fire board.

Because only two people applied for the two open board seats, according to the Arizona election laws these two seats can be filled by a resolution from County Board of Supervisors appointing the two applicants.

This also saves the cost associated with an election when no one is running against each other.

Mr. Cline Preble, who filled a vacancy on the board months ago, was the first to take out nominating papers. He received one of the appointments. Sandy Kalmar was the second to take out nominating papers and received the second appointment. The third member of the fire board is James Oliver, who will be up for re-election in 2008.

Fire Chief Ray Larsen swore in the board members, and the board members voted in on their positions. Jim Oliver was nominated and passed as Chairman, Sandy Kalmar was nominated as Vice Chairman and passed and Cline Preble was nominated as Treasurer and passed.

Mr. Power Webb's last meeting did not go unnoticed. He wanted the public to be aware that the fire districts are trying to merge. Mr. Webb is against this merger. He says we have nothing to gain from it except a substantial increase in taxes. He wants the residents to be aware, and only to vote for this merger if they can show where it will be beneficial to the district.

Upcoming events

Saturday, Nov. 18, volunteers should meet at the fire hall to finalize and adjust the Christmas lights so they can be turned on for Thanksgiving.

Dec. 16 is the Children's Christmas Party at the fire hall at 1 p.m.

Christmas Caroling will be at 6 p.m that same day.

Will someone please tell the flock of turkeys that hang out at Jo Armistead's house that Thanksgiving is next week?

I am going to count heads, Jo.

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