Providing A Voice For Animals



Seven years ago when I first began volunteering at Payson Humane Society as a dog walker, the only way homeless animals were noticed was if someone came into the shelter to look at them.

I took a particular interest in a pair of blue-eyed black Labs named Orion and Venus who seemed to be having no luck at getting a new home. I placed an ad in the Payson Roundup on their behalf, and as a result they could have been adopted several times. I saw that the animals needed a voice, a contact with the outside world. Otherwise they were out of sight, out of mind, hidden behind closed doors.

Two years ago, a young lady with an interest in homeless animals moved from California to Payson. She set up two websites for the shelter so that we can advertise our adoptable pets. Now we take the best photos and write up the best descriptions we can muster to put on the websites. People from as far away as California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and even Mississippi have called the shelter and come to adopt pets.

Last summer a young woman from Germany who visits Pine in the summers adopted a cat to take home with her over the Atlantic, because she read in the website description that the cat was an international traveler. And Rim Country animal lovers have come forward time and time again to do more than their share to help animals in plight.

In honor of those first two black Labs who helped me see a need for animals to have a voice to tell their stories, I dedicate these five black beauties.


Myra is a picture-perfect 8-month-old spayed female black Lab. We don't have papers for her, but she looks purebred.

Myra is an easy-going pup who is a breeze to walk on leash because she is very calm and obedient for her young age. She loves to frolic together with the other dogs in our exercise yard, splashing in the kiddie wading pools and chasing squeaky balls.

It is easy to wear her out just by throwing her sticks or balls. Myra is definitely a keeper!


Roxie is a lovely, lanky 1-year-old spayed female tuxedo kitty. She has a glorious fan of dashing white whiskers and a lot of sox appeal.

Her sweet, demure purrsonality will charm you into loving her forever.

We think you will agree that Roxie is purr poetry in motion!


Kelly is a sweet-spirited 9-month-old neutered male black Lab mix. He is a cute tuxedo boy with his shiny black coat and white chest.

Kelly has an endearing personality -- so friendly and chipper. He is a fun dog to take for walks on leash because he minds so well and is happy to be out and about.

Kelly is waiting for that special family to come along and notice all his virtues, take him home and make him an important part of their lives. Blaze a new trail in life with Kelly at your side!


Hope is a very dear 5-month-old black Lab mix pup. She has a slender build and a sleek, easy care coat. She is all black except for her chest, which is white with black freckles -- very cute.

Hope's best feature is her calm, quiet temperament, which is quite amazing for her age. She handles beautifully on leash and, as you walk her, you will see that her nose is especially keen because she doesn't miss a scent. She loves to stick her nose in gopher holes and inhale deeply!

Hope is ready to go home to a loving family and show them her stuff. Believe us, it's all good.


Rowdy is a very friendly 1-year-old neutered male rottweiler/Lab mix. He is a strikingly handsome fellow with his shiny black coat and tan markings. He likes to do a little bow as an invitation to initiate playful activity.

Rowdy is a good boy on leash and doesn't pull. He is a comedian to play with and he is very responsive to the wishes of his human friends. He gets along fine with other dogs at playtime, too.

If you're looking for a loyal sidekick who is willing to be at your beck and call 24 hours a day, Rowdy is ready to go

The Payson Humane Society animal shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Rd., just south of Main Street. For more information, call (928) 474-5590.

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