School Board Should Reconsider Schedule Decision



I think it is interesting that the articles and letters I have read in the paper about the school calendar change seem to focus on it being better for maintenance of the schools, college registration and administrative issues. What about academics? Shouldn't that be the most important issue? Shorter summers with longer breaks appear to be better academically for students. What about the vote taken by teachers, students and parents several years ago that changed the calendar? Does their opinion no longer matter? I was told the majority of the teachers still want the calendar to remain the same. Why were they asked? Shouldn't the majority be the deciding factor?

Does the calendar cause problems for some? Of course. There is no perfect answer and therefore it should be decided on what the majority prefer and what is better academically.

I have heard complaints about sports and music having to practice during the breaks. For years, anyone wanting to play football started practice during the summer and no one complained because that was the way it was.

If you choose to be in certain programs, some sacrifices sometimes have to be made. That's life. I have heard comments that the schools did not do the interventions they were supposed to do during the breaks.

Several teachers told me they had signed up to teach in the interventions the first year and it was not followed through by administration. I know there are teachers who would be happy to work during the breaks if there is money to fund the program.

I wonder if it is the schools that did not follow through on this program? Over the years, since the modified school year has been in place, I have also heard both parents and teachers who were initially against it found it worked out much better than expected.

I think the board should reconsider its decision, realize that the reasons for the change are not what I suspect the majority want and consider what is better for most students and staff.

Joan Young, Payson

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