Tips For Tournament Bass Fishermen



The Arizona tournament bass trail is an opportunity for all levels of fishermen to try their skills at competitive fishing. Since most tourneys are geared toward the team of two people per boat, it would be wise to develop a strategy for success. Fishing is so much more than just keeping your bait in the water.

I asked the current bass angler team of the year in Arizona to what they attribute their success? When Brian Daniels and Gary Senft are in a bass tournament they are considered one of the dominant teams who usually will be near the top of the leader board.


Gary Senft and Brian Daniels are considered one of the dominant fishing teams on the bass tournament-fishing trail.

As a team, they have a long list of tournament championships and they are most satisfied with their Anglers of the Year Award for 2004 and 2006 on the All-Star Team Trail, as well as winning the 2005 team championship in the same circuit. They also fish the ABF (which stands for Arizona Bass Fishing) where they earned the distinction of being Anglers of the Year for 2006 when the seven tournaments were completed for the season.

They have a vast knowledge of team fishing and were willing to share their strategy for fishing success.

They follow a simple four-point plan prior to each tournament they enter. It begins with the pre-fishing time, which is used to learn the current lake conditions. Since both Brian and Gary have full-time jobs, they often pre-fish separately as their schedules permit and then compare the information about the bass bite. Both agreed that it was difficult to find time to pre-fish, but it was necessary for any chance of being competitive.

Compiling the information gathered during pre-fishing is then discussed between the two of them before a plan is devised for the tournament. This plan will be carried out where the person running the trolling motor, who is usually Brian, will be power fishing and covering a lot of water while Gary in the back of the boat might be dropshotting or throwing a Texas or Carolina rig and anticipating the speed and the direction of the trolling motor. This approach gives the bass two difficult baits to look at with the end result being a bass landed in the boat.

Sometimes the plan must be adjusted on the day of the tournament because conditions will change. If the plans are altered during a tournament, it is a team decision and Gary and Brian will change their fishing accordingly.

During an eight-hour team tournament the intensity level of fishing is very keen and in that time of competition, positive self-talk is at a premium between Gary and Brian. They work all fishing issues out without putting each other down with any criticism. Not only are they a great fishing team, but are also close friends off the water as they relax at their weekend getaways in Tonto Basin. Of course, their leisure time is spent fishing at Roosevelt Lake.

This weekend, take a friend fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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