Support Overwhelming For Gracie Haught Fund-Raiser



The Gracie Haught Children's Memorial Fund-raiser and Costume Party was again an unbelievable success. Our costume party was able to raise over $51,000 with all of your support. We received so many cash and event donations that they are too many to count.

I know that I have forgotten some names and by no means are they any less important. I do apologize if it is your name that I have missed.

Thank you to all of you who bought a wish necklace, all of you who purchased Rino tickets and all of you special people who came and participated in our Gracie Lee Haught costume party.

I know that Gracie and God were smiling down on all of us and that their chests are full of pride in our community.

All of your donations go directly into the Gracie Haught Children's Memorial Fund and are waiting to help any and all of our kids who need help with medical bills, car seats, bike helmets, teaching CPR and first aid and other lifesaving skills to keep them safe. When my heart is heavy and the grief brings me to my knees, the thought that Gracie is still so alive in all of your hearts and minds helps pick me back up. I know that you all still think of her and hold her in your hearts because of the pink ribbons on your cars, your willingness to participate and your open arms and wallets at the time of the benefit. These are the people and business that made the Gracie Lee Haught Costume Party possible:

Judy Baker and Mary Ellen, Nana and Grandpa, Mema and Pepa, Aunt Tandi and Uncle Mike, Uncle Jason and Aunt Jaimie, Uncle Les and Aunt Lisa, Grandma and Pap Dot, Grandma Des, Aunt Dawn, Aunt Marquee, Uncle Wes and Aunt Patti, Gary and Sandra Walker and Rafter M Performance Horses, Chapman Auto Center, ILSC, Four Seasons Motor Sport, Exclusive Refinishing, Dragon Fire Racing, Drew and Amity justice and Diamond J Vet., Slade and Becky Gibson, Julie and David Sexton, Gold Canyon Candles, Derek and Dusty Duncan, DJ's Bed and Bath, KDJ's, Carpenter's Wife, Jimmy and Jamie Ludtke of Ludtke Customer Builders, Fashions Now, Candle Factory, Joanne Saunders, Dairy Queen, Sawmill Theatres, Payson Eye Care Center, Payson Feed Store, Canyon State Credit Union, Casey and Melanie and Cami and Cori Barnett, Scott and Jeannie Stratton, KMOG, Payson Roundup, Pattie Beeler, Capital Depot LLC, All-Tech Medical Resale, Diamond Point Shadows, Anderson Dental Group, Janice Byers, Black Mountain Excavating, Lanny and Traci Floyd, Bob and Patricia Evans, Lori Boyes, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamond Backs, Phoenix Coyotes, Payson Jewelers, Energy West, Paul Schultz, Arizona National Livestock Association, Andréa Schmidt, Branding Iron Promotional Printers, Charlie and Erin England, Plant Fair Nursery, Inc., Larry and Antoinette Gay, Paper and Metal Scrappers, Michelle Goodman and the Gazette, Brittany Boyes, Stockman's Bank, Donna Klabbatz, Sue Dolan, Farrell Thompson, The Sugar Shack, Uncle Roy and Aunt Marie Haught and Family, Flowers by June, Finishing Touch Flowers, Marilyn Vanlinder, Connie Bonn, Brian and Laurie Brunson, Uncle Del and Aunt Genny Applebee, Matt and Kim parks, Toni German, Stacy Foster, Ace Hardware, Back to Basics, Foxworth, Barbara Brewer, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kristin Young, Jack and Sandy Koon, Janice Short, Pam Way, Amanda Lossing, Angie Luchessi, Cody Gibson and friends, Michelle Haught, Amy Hill, Lana Day, DeeAnna Goebel, Rock Yard, Del Lee, Reese and Shelli Randall, Michelson Family, Toby and Jean Waugh, Phil and Audra Daugherty, Payson Concrete, My Chiropractic, Clay and Laci Sopeland and Sopeland Guitars, Shear Attitude, Levi and Allesha Herrera, Homer Sanders, Buckshot and Valcury, CGMRA Rodeo, Shane Owens, Kelli Archer, John Jacko, John and Billie Hill, Tom and Sue Loomis, Jeff Barwick, Catherine Roland, Frontier Market Place, Gary and Sandra Walker.

A special congratulation to Steve Sachak for winning the Yamaha Rino.

If you did not receive a receipt for purchases or you need an itemized list of your purchases or you need a receipt for donations to the Gracie Haught Children's Fund, you can contact Judy Baker at the MHA office at 472-2588.

Bobbie Jo Haught, Payson

Editor's note: This letter was shortened to fit within the 400-word limit for letters to the editor.

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