Thoughts On School Bond Success, Superintendent Search



Payson Voters, thank you. Your support of the bond election proves what we at the schools have always known: Payson kids count. Payson citizens care about the education of our children.

The Payson Kids Count Committee did an excellent job explaining the need for the bond. The simple fact is that the Arizona Legislature does not support education. Individual communities are left to find a way to maintain school facilities.

Twenty-seven communities held bond elections this November. The elections varied in principal from $3 million for Palo Verde Elementary District to $129 million for Buckeye Union High School District.

All 27 districts saw the need, just as we did here in Payson, and voted to improve their schools.

Again, thank you.

The search is under way for a new superintendent. The Governing Board is asking for community help.

Recently, Joann Mortensen and Joanne Hilde of Search Solutions spent a day here in Payson collecting information. They met with teachers and staff at each school campus, met with the administrators, and met with community members at a meeting held at the library.

Their question was simple. What qualities do you want the new superintendent to possess? We are using these answers to guide our search. We designed a brochure that will be sent to all interested applicants. Applications will be received from Nov. 27 until Jan. 8, 2007.

At the end of January, there is another opportunity for you, the community, to be involved.

A Community Review Committee will be formed, composed of staff and community members, to review the applications. Membership of this committee will be determined by application. Search Solutions will select the committee.

The committee members will individually review each application, rating them according to a set of guidelines. Their ratings will be presented to the Governing Board when board members begin to look at the applications.

After reviewing the applications, the Governing Board will select three to five finalists.

The finalists will be invited to Payson so we can look them over and they can look us over. Again, the community will be involved.

On Feb. 7, each candidate will meet with groups of community and staff members to answer questions. Anyone can come to those meetings. Again, your views will be passed to the Board.

The process is rigorous. The community will be involved. I'm sure the result will be a superintendent capable of carrying the school district through the building process and into the future.

As always, I'm happy to talk to you. My e-mail address is My telephone number is (928) 474-2070.

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