Why Does Illegal Alien Have More Rights Than Landowner?



I am writing in reference to a news item in The Arizona Republic, on Tuesday, Nov. 14. This article referred to rancher Roger Barnett and a lawsuit brought against him by immigrant rights advocates. Mr. Barnett has been accused of threatening and violating illegal aliens' civil rights.

Barnett wanted these people off his property. These alleged actions occurred on Mr. Barnett's ranch outside of Douglas.

According to the article, Barnett has been targeted for lawsuits because of his activities apprehending illegal immigrants.

I don't believe violence is the answer to any problem, and violence isn't the subject in these lawsuits. My question is: Where are advocates for Mr. Barnett's rights? Illegal or not, if individuals are found on your property, doesn't a home or land owner have the right to evict said individual? If the individual on your property is illegally in this country, they have broken the law from the onset.

Why do they have advocates and the American citizen doesn't?

Please, I am not saying that immigrants shouldn't have advocates and rights. What I'm saying is Barnett and people like him should have organizations behind them for protection as well.

Since the Constitution has been in the forefront of the news lately, let's look at that historic document. Nowhere in that most revered writing does it say that immigrants, aliens (legal or otherwise) have more rights than an American citizen. Nowhere does it say that you must allow a person on your property or in your home, car or wherever, because to evict them might violate their civil rights. In my view, Barnett's civil rights deserve to be fully observed and fully considered. I am behind him 100 percent.

Cherry Marrone, Payson

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