Take A Hike


The best thing about Payson, if you love the outdoors, is the fact that you can head in any direction and find a incredible hike.

One of the best examples is the hike to the "Spanish Ruin."

The best directions begin on Main Street. Drive toward Green Valley Park. Once you reach the park, keep driving. Follow Main Street past the park. Pass the municipal golf course. Pass the water treatment plant. The asphalt turns into a dirt road. Keep driving. Follow this road as far as it goes, which is a long, windy five miles. Follow the road until it ends at a fence and parking area. The hike begins here.

The majority of this hike is on a road. You will climb up a hill and reach a closed cattle gate. Be a good land user and close the gate behind you. The trail up to the ruins is immediately to your left. It is a scramble up some rocks to a plateau.

This is not a hike for the inexperienced or the out of shape as it is easy to fall or get turned around and not know where you are. Bring a GPS or compass and be sure to pay attention to where you entered the plateau, so you can find your way back. The Spanish Ruin is a network of rock walls that perch on the edge of a cliff with an incredible view in all directions. No one seems to know who built them or when.

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