A Possible Solution To The Recycling Dilemma



Just read the article, "Recycling too costly for town" in the Nov. 9 Payson Roundup and feel disappointed that the recycling program will be too expensive to be practical -- no thanks to a few people who just don't get it or don't care.

I have one idea, albeit no major light bulb event. It simply occurred to me that perhaps we have the recycling bins in the wrong location. I say this because, being a traveler, my husband and I and our traveling friends have stayed in the various Wal-Mart parking lots around the country at one time or another.

We shop at the Wal-Mart store, stock up on everything we need and thereby feel we have "earned" our free stay overnight. However, it is also a time for cleaning up our RV, i.e. dumping out the garbage containers.

Most locations, expecting this necessity, have garbage containers for that use, but I don't recall seeing one at our particular Wal-Mart parking lot. Since there are always travelers parked there, it would be prudent for the store, or the Town of Payson, to provide a Dumpster.

I think it might be feasible to consider that some of the travelers who aren't looking for a recycling sign, may think that the huge Dumpsters are there for their convenience so they won't clutter up the parking lot. In the dark, one may be totally unaware that the bins are meant for recycling clean paper products. It certainly is a possibility I think should be considered before giving up the program.

Perhaps the town council would consider offering a new location for the recycling bins, and provide garbage dumpsters at the parking lot just to give everyone who really wants the program to continue another chance to show good citizenship can pay off.

Barbara Warwick, Payson

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