Businesses Must Succeed For The Rest Of Town To Thrive



Having listened to the numerous opinions about the leadership of our town for the past year, I feel that there are some things that need to be said.

This town needs a healthy mixture of all types of revenue to survive. The tourists bring in a significant amount of income as do the retirees, who for the most part are relatively new to the area. The real estate agents and construction bring in significant amounts of revenue, as do Chaparral Pines and the Rim Club. The local businesses are dependent on these resources to survive. One only has to look at any fund-raising event in the Rim Country to see who supports these worthwhile events and organizations.

While we have a tremendous number of our seniors donating time and effort, obviously, their income is fixed and they can't, for the most part, donate to the financial needs of these fund-raisers. The money donated, by and large, comes from the local businesses, the real estate agents, organizations, and communities such as Chaparral Pines and the Rim Club.

The only way this can continue is if these benefactors continue to thrive.

If you are a volunteer, or a recipient of assistance from any of the local fund-raisers, you must realize that monies donated are totally dependent on profits. Employees and their families and the health of the business come first. Basically, donated monies are what are left after overhead and profit. I urge everyone concerned with any charitable organization or fund-raiser to carefully consider the direction our Town Council goes in the future.

Nobody wants to see uncontrolled growth and statistically we haven't. It would seem only logical to me, that any decision based upon a water survey, be made after the results of the survey are known. We have been in a drought for the past 14 years, yet we have water. Yes, there are restrictions, but I know of no one who has turned on a faucet and not had water.

And yes, I do work at Payson Concrete and am aware of the numerous charitable organizations that need financial support in the area. We must conserve our water and our ability as a community to help each other.

Tim Hughes, Payson

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