Treasure Trove Of Tabbies


The most common pattern of tabby cat is the mackerel or striped tabby. This pattern is less about the stripes on the cat than about the stripes that may appear on each individual hair on the cat.

Mackerel tabbies have striped rings around their tail and legs, a necklace of stripes on the front of their bodies and bands of stripes running down their sides. They have the darker color in spots running in two lines across their tummies called "vest buttons."

All tabbies can be identified by the single "M" marking on their foreheads. There are color variations such as cream, red, brown, grey and blue tabbies as well as pattern variations such as ticked, mackerel, classic and spotted tabbies.

Webster's dictionary states that the word "tabby" originates from the name of a silk taffeta with stripes or wavy marks in it that was manufactured in a quarter of Baghdad called Attabi, so named after a prince.

Webster's defines a "treasure trove" as a treasure found hidden, the original owner of which is unknown. This definition certainly applies to our tabby offerings for this week.


Adel is a sweet, quiet 3-year-old spayed female brown tabby.

She has the most incredible marbled orange eyes that follow your every move. Adel is the type of kitty that likes you to make the first move and then she responds with great affection.

This little lap-nappin' mousekateer is looking for the warmth and security of a purrmanent home.


Archie is a sunny 3-year-old neutered male orange tabby cat.

He is very self-confident and outgoing. He has already taken over the highest perch in the kitty condo to benevolently reign over the other feline occupants.

Archie has the vibrant purrsonality of a stand-up comedian and we think he will make a wonderful addition to your household!


Fancy is a darling 7-month-old spayed female brown tabby kitten.

She will greet you with open paws and a powerful purr box. She is full of playful antics and a zest for living.

We're not kitten you, you will love this little angel!


Kya is a bright-eyed one-year-old spayed female grey tabby cat.

She has a nice, calm tempurrament, gets along well with other cats, and she relishes human attention.

She would love to be taken into a warm, friendly home where she can be happy and flourish.


Bitzy is a pretty 2-year-old spayed female brown tabby cat. This little princess is sweet and well-behaved and gets along nicely with other cats.

She likes to find an elevated spot where she can watch all that is going on at our busy shelter.

Add a little spice to your life -- take Bitzy home to love and spoil for the rest of her life!

These and many other wonderful animals are currently available for adoption at the Payson Humane Society Animal Shelter, located at 812 S. McLane Rd., just south of Main Street. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 474-5590.

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