Urge Law Enforcement To Take Pet Killing Seriously



My husband and I have always enjoyed coming to the peaceful community of Pine to visit what seemed like an idyllic small town.

Upon arriving recently, we were horrified to hear about a group of Pine/Strawberry boys who have been brutally murdering pets. This group of boys actually had a contest to see how many cats they could kill. Family pets have gone missing or have been shot with pellet guns. One cat was shot between the eyes and the body tossed in a bag near the owner's property.

These boys videotaped themselves torturing a cat, showed this at school and bragged about also killing geese and ducks.

Have these teens been so desensitized to killing that their next step will be a higher level of brutality?

The serial killers who terrorized the Phoenix area started out by killing small animals, then larger animals and eventually moved up to killing people.

Do these boys think it is macho to go up against 10-pound cats? Shame on you. These animals never had a chance. Think of the pain and suffering you have caused the owners -- possibly taking away a little boy or girl's best friend.

I hope the citizens of your town will urge law enforcement and the judicial system to take this very seriously and prosecute.

Parents need to wake up, get involved and make sure this isn't one of your kids.

My husband and I will be watching as this case unfolds. Let's hope the right steps are taken to make sure this never happens again.

Stacie Anderson, Scottsdale

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