Water Shortage, Not Limited Growth, Will Turn Payson Into Ghost Town



I agree ever so much with Mr. R.A. Bradford, who stated in his letter to the Payson Roundup, "Limiting growth will not turn Payson into a ghost town." However, lack of water would do the trick. Maybe these special interest persons (real estate and developers) can turn all that green stuff into a drinkable commodity, however the rest of us must seek our own miracle elsewhere.

The mayor and elected councilors were given a mandate to solve our water problems. The mayor and council had proposed a 17-point plan that answers the problem and originally had the blessing of 100 percent of the council. What happened?

As for Robert Henley, thank goodness he did not regain his councilship. We have enough questionable council members at present. We sure don't need the likes of him and his good ol' boy wisdom when he says we are in "safe yield."

The truth is, we don't know if we are or not until the studies are completed. Until then, I suggest that the special interests and the good ol' boy network bug off until the results are in from the Valley, Payson and the Mayor's Water Task Force.

The Task Force water studies and report have been completed. After some refinement and consultation with water department officials, it will be released.

It's unfortunate it couldn't have been presented at the last Payson Town Council meeting, as it would have been very informative to all those present, especially the special interest group.

I hope that the council has enough smarts and guts to see through the special interest groups with their ranting and raving about doom, gloom and Payson becoming a ghost town. Lack of water would do it for sure.

I seem to remember some real estate person making a ridiculous statement: "We are not in a water shortage, we never have been and we never will be." Need I say more about smarts?

PS Here is a special invitation to all those who wanted unlimited fast-expanding growth. Just pack your bags and head for Prescott. Your dream will come true.

In 1990, Prescott had a population of 9,000. This has just surged to 38,000 at last count and is predicted to be at 80,000 in just a few years. Is this what we want for Payson?

Ed Welge, Payson

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