Do You Have Something To Give Away?



I am a belonging bulimic.

As an obsessive minimalist, I hemorrhage possessions. As soon as I'm finished with a book, I look for someone to give it to, a lobby to leave it in or a used bookstore where I can exchange it.

I am one of the few people I know who loves to move. Packing up everything I own is a chance to sort and purge, to give half of it away and lighten my load.

I'm sure I could spend several thousand dollars explaining this situation to a therapist.

Instead, I accept that I have already mentally catalogued everything in my living room as "to keep" or "to give away" when my lease is up.

I know there are others like me. And while I will not be starting a support group, I will offer you the next best thing.

A week ago, the Payson Roundup launched a new service on our Web site for "Free Stuff."

The vision for "Free Stuff" is to provide a place for Rim Country residents to post items they wish to give away free of charge.

It is not intended for commercial use or to promote garage sales, but rather to help people clear out unwanted items that someone else would find useful. Such items might include a car not worth selling, but valuable to someone seeking parts, or baby items no longer needed that would benefit a young family.

There are two ways to post your free stuff. First, you can register as a regular user on our Your Roundup online forum, which will not only allow you to post items you wish to discard, but will allow you to take part in community discussions on the forum including Tom Garrett's increasingly popular blog, "I'm Listening."

If you do not want to register, you can still read the listings and e-mail the items you would like to post to I will post them for you.

To see this new feature, visit and you will see an icon that reads "Post your free stuff."

Or, click on Your Roundup and scroll through the topic lines until you see "Free Stuff."

This is not a moneymaking venture for the Roundup. This is a community service we decided to provide. We already have the vehicle in place -- a Web site that averages 700,000 page views a month and a newspaper that reaches over 90 percent of the homes in Payson.

"Free Stuff" will be advertised in the paper.

And, as a reminder, the Roundup also offers free classified ads for items you are selling under $300. The ad must be 10 words or less and is offered to private parties. Businesses may not use this service.

You can run up to two ads, per customer, per week.

For more information, or to post a classified ad, call (928) 474-5251 ext. 102 or e-mail

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