Dock On West Side Of Park Is In Bad Shape



We have a beautiful little lake area in our town. It seems like the people in charge would like to keep it looking good, especially for visitors. But whoever was contracted to put the dock in at the west end of the main lake did a terrible job, and the people in charge of the lake evidently did not inspect the job or just don't care how it looks. It has been this way since it was installed and why doesn't the Town of Payson fix it? People are tearing up the concrete bricks of the driveway to make a bridge to the dock so they don't have to step in the water to get on it.

The dock needs to be moved a little to the south and the walkway should be alongside the ramp and about twice as long for the water fluctuation.

The town needs to get a contractor who knows what he's doing to revamp the whole thing this time.

Or wait until someone falls and hurts themselves before fixing the problem.

The rest of the lake area is being kept up beautifully and they are doing a great job, but this is a job for the people in power right now.

Dan Cowell, Payson

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